Add subtitle to nodes of type IF \ Set \ Function [GOT CREATED]

The problem:
If you have complex flow with a lot of IF nodes, all IF nodes will get title as “IF”.
Its complicated to read and understand flow without opening each IF node and checking the condition or\and Note.

Add field description to the IF parameters block and display it as a subtitle on the flow screen.

Welcome to the community @Roman_E!

Would the description have to be so long that simply renaming the node accordingly would not be a good option?

Anyway displaying the “node note” underneath it, if specifically selected (could be a setting underneath it, to use as subtitle) could be helpful in many cases. But would also only work for very very short notes.

Hi @jan and thank you.

I agree with you, adding toggle button to set ‘Node Note’ as a subtitle for all node types will be great solution.

For example please check how different looks same flow with and without descriptions on basic nodes:

For the upper one you don’t need addition information to understand what going there but the bottom one is non readable even for the flow author.

Did just commit it:

Will be released with the next version.

:clap: Thanks, waiting for the release

Got released with [email protected]

It sadly contains a few breaking changes so please make sure to check here before upgrading: