Add support for headers in the Ollama model node

As I’m using a remote Ollama instance that is secured behind basic auth, I’d need the Ollama model node to add support for headers.

I’ve tried adding the basic auth credentials in the URL directly, but this renders in an error:

My URL is formatted like the following:
https://user:[email protected]

It does load the list of models, but the error in the screenshot occurs when the workflow runs.

Thus, support for headers is needed.

Hi @Loan_J,

I made a similar request, but more generic since we need support for HTTP Headers for Basic Auth, but also for other auth method like passing a token (Zero Trust Network, app token, etc.).

Can you vote on the feature request below, please?
Support Auth HTTP Headers (e.g. Cloudflare ZTN) on credentials for self-hosted resources (e.g. Ollama)

I will add your request as link to show that there is interest to get it works on N8N Cloud and self-hosted. Thanks!

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