Add the ability to install/import external packages in the webUI [GOT CREATED]

Currently, n8n does support adding external npm packages; but has to be installed when n8n is set up as described by Jan here

Would be cool to be able to import packages from npmjs or via URLs directly from the editorUI and persist across n8n updates!

The POC got created and can be found here:

Update: Actually realizing now that the request was actually not for nodes, rather generic npm modules. Then this PR will not be very helpful as it does not allow to add new dependencies, only credentials/nodes that do not have any additional dependencies.


But still very useful; if nodes can be loaded at runtime - this will significantly help reduce install size. Could just display a node list and download the nodes that users want as needed. Like an node store/marketplace!

It is now possible with [email protected] to load n8n nodes directly from npm.

The docs can be found here.