Add the workflow name to the HTML title

The idea is:

Add the workflow name to the HTML title tag, ideally starting the title with the workflow name.

My use case:

With Integromat/Zapier, I’m used to searching for a workflow name in my browser addres bar by typing in part of the workflow name. In n8n, all pages have the same title, which breaks the history search.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This will increase my efficiency to find and load a specific workflow. I often use this for jobs that need to be manually started.

Maybe I understand something wrong but the Workflow name is actually already in the title for a while:
Screenshot from 2022-01-04 12-05-57

That’s definitely not showing for me; for all my workflows I see:

<title> - Workflow Automation</title>

I’m on 0.156.0.

Edit: I now realize that the tab does show the expected name and that it’s searchable too. I was too focused on the title I think. Sorry for the fake report!

Glad to hear that all is OK. Have fun!