Advanced split in batches node - incl New update: automatically use subworkflows for processing

Hi all,

I’ve added another community node. This time because of the questions that often come up on the forum. The questions are basically:

  • How to continue after a split in batches loop is done?
  • How to combine the items after a Split in batches loop?

This new community nodes gives you an extra path from the node, the workflow will continue on this path after the loop of the batches is finished.
And it also gives you the option to combine those run items before going on this Done path.
Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Split in batches Advanced


This is awesome, I would love to see this in the cloud version one day! Great work.

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Hi All,
As you might have seen the new version of the standard SplitInBatches node has almost the exact same capability of this community node. But I hope you haven’t deleted it yet, as we now have an updated version to use.
Hope you all enjoy. :slight_smile: