After the end of the workflow, the webhook is triggered again in production

The problem was in the whatsapp API… All right now… What a scare…

When running the workflow in test, everything works. But when running in production with the workflow active, after the last node, the webhook fires again without stopping in a loop. It shouldn’t, after the end of the stream it should stop.

There are no error messages, just the flow runs again, causing failure.


Please share the workflow

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Share the output returned by the last node

Information on your n8n setup

  • 0.191.1
  • Mysql e Bubble
  • Running n8n via npm

Hi @Anderson_PPA

Welcome to the community.
Are you adding records to bubble?
And or you then triggering your workflow with a webhook when a new record is created?
Or something similar.

Yes… everything works fine…
But when I activate the workflow in production, the webhook receives a request, executes the noś and ends. The problem is that when finishing the last node, the webhook fires again, and it shouldn’t, thus generating an error in the flow.

The webhook is triggered through a whatsapp message, then it is verified if the user exists in a local mysql database, if yes, a message is presented to the client with some options. So far OK, but without receiving a new message, the webhook triggers alone and treats the message that was sent to the client as the one who triggered it… But this only occurs in Production, if I’m manually executing the flows, it works perfectly.