Airtable formula filter

I’m trying to filter Airtable trigger to only run if the following “Formula” is true [ {Data cerere CO1} != BLANK() ] → where BLANK() is checking basically if that record has any value. That was valid in Integromat but it seems that in n8n is not working.

Can anyone help me with this?

This is my workflow:

*It says there is 1 item found, but whatever I have in the formula field, it’s going to find that item.

Hey @Darius_Dumitru,

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I have not tried to use the formulas before so I will have to give it a test, Looking at the Airtable documentation it should work.

When you run the workflow is it manual with the “Execute Workflow” button or is it the workflow enabled and you are checking the Execution Log? Looking at the code for the trigger node it looks like we remove the Formula from the request when manually running it which seems a bit odd but in theory it should mean that enabling the worklfow should work when it runs itself.

Hey @jon ,

I was executing manually with the “Execute Workflow” button, but it isn’t working in the workflow.

The solution I came up with was creating the filters in an Airtable view and filtering via the “View ID” field in n8n. It’s working fine now with this solution, but the “Formula” field wasn’t executing correctly in n8n.

Thanks anyway!

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Hey @Darius_Dumitru,

That could be it then, I suspect if the workflow was enabled and left to run it would probably work.

I will give it a test later today and see what I can find.

@jon, I did let the workflow run when it was enabled and it didn’t work. So I guess is something else.

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Hey @Darius_Dumitru!

I always find Airtable Formulas to be a bit tricky and always end-up reading through their documentation. Did you try using the NOT() expression? If not, maybe something like this might work for you: NOT({Data cerere CO1} = BLANK()).

Let me know if that still doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Same, not working. But I think I will use Airtable itself to filter, even though I will end up with a lot of “views”. Thanks anyway!

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