Airtable <> IF node

Hey community,

I have a question about the IF node for verification if the leads exists in airtable already or not.

The IF node segment if the email adress exist or not, but for the case if the email field in airtable is empty with my current workflow it append a new line of the prospect, but i would like if it updates.

Any solution ?


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey G,
in your workflow screenshot I can see that 1 item (email) does not exist and goes on to update airtable. So from the screenshot it’s hard to see what problem you are facing. Can you share your workflow here or make screenshots from the expressions inside your IF node.

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Hey G,
so in your IF node I can see the following expression


In your posted workflow I cannot see the node Last DATA before DB. I am assuming this is a node before your Airtable List1 node, right? Can you post your complete workflow?

I am assuming your IF node generally works but does not compare the right values, meaning it try’s to match the wrong emails depending on what Last DATA before DB looks like.

Hey Marcus,

Yes exactly.
The IF node is working so well, what i’m looking for is to add another rule :

  • If the email field is empty in “Airtable - List1” = it should be a false not true (update node not append)

Is that clear enough ?

Hey G,
couldn’t you just add a second condition to your IF node where you check that your email Is Not Empty

Here is the updated workflow