Airtable Looping Problem

Hi Expert,

i have 2 airtables they are related

-Available Date with tickets
-Flight No

In normally i need to press the link record and select relavant flight no then to show all the look up fields.

And now i would like to automate the job

For example, there are originally 4 items

1 List the “available date with tickets” (4 items)
2 use information in table “available date with tickets” to filter table “Flight No” (1 item)
3 Set filtered number (1 item)
4 Update “available date with tickets” with Linked record (1 item)

But i dont know how to automate correctly, as there is only 1 record can be OK and the rest three has not automate, can you please help to advise how to set up??


Hi @Louis_kwok, I am not sure I fully understand your requirement.

Looking at your screenshot it seems all of your steps return what you are suggesting in your description.

Are you perhaps trying to run the Set node from your Screenshot for all four items returned by your Airtable2 node (so the step 1 from your description), but can’t because your Airtable5 node (step 2 from your description) only returns 1 item?

If so, you could indeed consider using a loop. This could be implemented using the SplitInBatches node after Airtable 2 (step 1) to split your items into batches of 1. Then run your Airtable5 node (step 2) and make sure it’s set to always output data like so:

This way, you should still have an item to work with in your Set node (step 3) after Airtable5 (step 2), even if no result is found.

Hi @MutedJam , really thanks for your help, this is what i need!!

However, i follow up question, if i want the flow continue after split in batch looping, which node should i link to or what is the setup??


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You could end your loop with an IF node and then merge the items from your individual loops back into one if you like. This is how I usually do this, here is an example workflow: Merge multiple runs into one | n8n workflow template