Airtable New Plans & Airtable trigger N8N

Hi Guys

With the new airtable plans coming into effect on september

The airtable trigger that checks every minute, hour etc. This means if I set to trigger every minute, it will count as one API unit?

As I have noticed they have introduced API limits

Hey @Keep_Innovations,

You got it buddy, So as it stands using the Airtable trigger node with the one minute default on the Airtable free plan you will hit the API limit before the first day is over and start being rate limited which could be the current 5 requests a second limit or it could be something new.

Have they said anything about rate limiting? They seem not to say anything after your api units are depleted.

Sounds like a good time to plug the nice (open-source) folks over at :slight_smile:

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A possible alternative (for long polling) would be to use their webhooks:

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The webhooks is an option, I raised an internal request this morning for that.

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