Airtable node in workflow doesn't return value


I have an Airtable node in the workflow which is doing a simple list. However when I connect it to the rest of the nodes in the workflow it doesn’t return any data. Standalone it does.

In the screenshot is a duplicate node and not connected to the workflow and running it by itself works. However the one connected to the workflow doesn’t. There’s no difference in the two.

Any suggestions?

Hey @ruchikaabbi!

Since the node is connected to the workflow which contains the Webhook node, it waits to listen for the webhook call. Once you make the Webhook call (using the Test Webhook URL), your workflow will get executed, and if the conditions are satisfied in the IF nodes, your Airtable node will get executed.

Let me know if you need more help :slight_smile:

Hey @harshil1712

The IF conditions are satisfied, but the Airtable node still doesn’t seem to return any values.

I don’t have any filters either on the List call.


Can you confirm that the IF1 node is returning true? You can open the IF1 node and see what data it displays. If it doesn’t display any data (by default, it will show output for the true condition), it means that the IF1 node returns false.

If possible, can you share the workflow? You can select all the nodes and copy them (CMD + C) and paste it here. Here’s video for reference: How can I contribute? | Docs


yes, that was it :sweat_smile: Assumed that it’s returning true!

Thanks :pray:t4:


Awesome! I am glad we figured it out :slight_smile:

Have fun!

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