Airtable node

I am using self hosted n8n version 0.155.2
I have a workflow that use airtable node. It used to work daily until today.

if i do not use expression , i am able to obtain result.

however, if i change to expression, with the same value, it is not returning anything.

Try to put it inside ""

Hello @Shirobachi I have put inside " " , and it is still not working.

this is an existing work flow. it works daily, except today.

I missed that part, since that it has no sense to add "" are you sure that securityID didn’t changed?

yes, this is the ID that i am able to retrive data when it is not in expression.

the ID is here in the node before airtable read node. Is it because input is in array?

below are picture of how 2 nodes are connected.

I just re create a new work flow and it is working. maybe it is just that node is not working.

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Weird, if you want you can copy both nodes and compare json code.

Happy it’s working!

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