Airtable search doesn't iterate over items

Airtable search only searches first item, not all items.

I cannot get the Airtable search node to iterate over the results from the RSS trigger. It only runs once.

I need Airtable to search for all RSS items and then only continue the flow if the link from the RSS item is not already stored in the Airtable.

Hi @dkjess, welcome to the community!

I am sorry for the confusion here. This behavior is intentional for many database and similar nodes (you can find a list here in our documentation).

You can still perform your search for every single item by using the Loop Over Items node. Here’s how such a workflow could like like (I couldn’t test it since I do not have access to your actual Airtable account of course, but I hope the idea still becomes clear):

Let me know if you have any questions about this :slight_smile:

Thanks @MutedJam, you are a lifesaver. I got it working smoothly now although it took a bit to grasp how looping is different from what I am used to in

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