Airtable & Set Node combination: Exact correspondance for SET node

Dear Community - I’m struggling with a use case where I want to update my Airtable base when a lead mail is found or not.
If found → Update the “mail address” in Airtable, if not → Put : “not_found”
It’s working well on the first branch as the unique Airtable ID is recognized, but for the second branch, when the email is not_found, the ID is not similar to the ID I have in Airtbale.
So it’s updating something in the base but not related to the right ID.
Do you know how to get the exact ID correspondence for both branches?
Maybe a question of priority?


In the meantime, I’ve tried something new but would like to have your view on the robustness.
Instead of doing the “update the email” step simultaneously for found and not_found emails, I first finish updating the found email, then loop on the mail_found node and separate the ones who have an email VS the empty ones.
Capture d’écran 2022-07-23 à 10.28.32

Hi @fischera,
it’s a little hard to understand what your Mail_found true/false branches are doing, you could post your workflow here like explained here.

  1. Looping back to your Mail_found after updating the mail should work if you can be sure that mails were actually set.
  2. If you are sure that mails have been updated, why do you need to loop back to check again? Can’t you just continue without checking again?

Hey Marcus - Thanks for your feedback.

  • For the true branch: I want to update the mail in Airtable
  • For the false branch: I want to update Airtable with the text: “not_found”
    But your idea is interesting, I can simply leave the field empty if not found.
    Nevertheless, trying to run the true/false branches in parallel, seems to be problematic in terms of priority as Airtable is not understanding where to update the data correctly.

This is why in the false branch I’ve added an Airtable list node and filter to update only the field where there is no email inside.