Airtable Trigger Data not running when I update record

Trigger doesn’t work when data in Record is updated.
Where do I have to set it up?

I want it to work when Record is updated.
in field status

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, the trigger field would need to be a timestamp:


It seems you’ve currently set it to a text field.

It’s also worth noting that the node will return the full dataset, but it will not specify which value exactly has changed.

do you have a sample for me
I don’t know how to use it

It pretty much says what you need in the tooltip from my screenshot. Create a field in your Airtable storing the created or modified date, then provide the name of your field in the trigger node.

You can also check out the example from the documentation: Airtable Trigger - n8n Documentation

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It works and thank you very much.

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Nice, I am glad to hear this works :slight_smile: