Airtable trigger node omits json if field is blank

I was trying to add an IF to my flow so it runs a different set of steps if a field is blank. Weirdly if the field is blank, there is no json returned. I have set always out put data. Is this expected behaviour?

I guess I could test for !json.field.text or fire up another view in airtable and run a parallel airtable trigger on that. But I would expect all fields to be returned regardless of value?

Hi @cooper - sorry to hear you’re running into this!

Could you share some of the information the template requested, such as which version of n8n you’re using (and if it’s cloud or self-host), as well as your workflow? It would help to know what you’re trying to do if the data is blank.

That being said, have you tried going into the settings of the if node and ticking “always output data” to on? That looks like this:

Might be what you’re looking for!

Yes output always is on; it’s cloud and version is 0.226.1

I don’t know how to include the workflow code; but it’s easily reproduced with just the airtable trigger on it’s own. It’s using a view as additional field but it’s not filtering on the field that is blank.

Thanks for confirming that, @cooper :+1:

I’ll give it a look - but if you could highlight your workflow, hit ctrl/cmd+c, and then paste it here as a code block (wrapped with the three ``` markdown notation on a separate line), that will share your workflow. You can find more info on that here.

Edit: It would also be helpful if you could share some sample data!

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