Airtable Trigger Problem - Last Modified doesn't work with checkbox fields


I am trying to implement some automation based on when a specific checkbox field changes but I am getting an error.


My field for the trigger

The URL of the table is properly inserted, already double-checked it, and inserting the Base by ID or URL, doesn’t make a difference.

If I remove the specific fields selection, like that:

And fetch the test, it works normally.

If I change the type of field to a selection, for example, the trigger works normally again.

Just thought it would be cool to let you all know about it.
Can’t say however if it’s just something on my side.

Hey @suardim,

I have been looking at this and I was sure we had seen it before, I did some digging and I found this post: Airtable Trigger - Possible Instructional Issue - #4 by spessex

Is it related to the issue you are seeing?


That seams to solve the problem, but it creates another, since I need to insert every field I need in the field.

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