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Hi n8n. This airtable polling issue still baffles me. Essentially anytime a new record hits my airtable base, n8n is meant to process it, thats the logic I guess. The polling time in my understanding is that airtable should check for any new entries or records and process them. Most of the time when I check the execution, it runs most of them, however others do not for some weird reason and for some even weirder reason the polling time isn’t working? What am I not getting? Because every 15 min for my workflow its meant to check, and in my assessment I still find the record there


Hey @Keep_Innovations
I never used airtable heavily. I just googled to find a solution with webhooks which is the normal way of integration these times. But it seems that Airtable is some kind of restricted for live updates.

My plan was to create a n8n Webhook Trigger and a webhook in airtable which calls the n8n webhook every time a change is made to data in airtable.

In this thread in the airtable forum I found that you can achieve this with functions.

Maybe that helps creating your own real-time solution.

But nevertheless the polling mechanism should work as expected. Maybe anyone from the n8n team could have a look.

Hey @Keep_Innovations,

So with polling we would check based on the poll time for anything that is newer than the saved timestamp of the last run.

If there is nothing to collect we won’t log the execution as there is no need so it is normal to not see anything in the execution log.

If you are adding data or changing data in your base though there could be something funky going on, drop me a message in Slack with what your base looks like and what action your trigger has and I will set up a quick test today or tomorrow morning.

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