Airtable TypeCast Not Working

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Hello engineers, I have an airtable node with a field of type select. However when I pass data through this field yet it was not in the options field in, the value cannot be added in Airtable options.

What is the error message (if any)?

ERROR: Invalid input for 'status' [item 0]

'status' expects one of the following values: [Open, In Progress, In Review, Completed] but we got 'Type Cast Trial'


I have enabled Typecast in my airtable node
Below is a screenshot of the node and the error

Hey @Anton_Odongo,

That looks like Airtable is saying the status field can only contain one of the following values.

  • Open
  • In Progress
  • In Review
  • Completed

But the node is sending Type Cast Trial it sounds like it might just need to be updated in Airtable or there might be a delay between adding the option and it being available to the API.

Hello all,
I am getting the same problem.

Could the problem be related to the airtable node missing the schema.bases:write scope?

The airtable node contains only:
const scopes = ['schema.bases:read', 'data.records:read', 'data.records:write'];

Hey @bastienperez,

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It doesn’t appear to be a scope issue the error from Airtable is saying thre is a field value being sent that is unexpected.

Can you share the error you are getting and a screenshot of the data you are sending?

You are right, it is not scope related.

I saw another topic with this issue (Airtable Typecast is not working - #9 by peterng1618) and I think I understand what the problem is, it’s due to the node expecting a value in the options field.

To fix this on my workflow, I downloaded the workflow json, change the line related to my Select field from options to string and it works:
"type": "options", -> "type": "string",

I don’t know if my workaround makes sense? Maybe n8n has another way to do this?

Ahhh so in your case it could be that the field was updated in airtable but we didn’t pick it up in the component.

I still need to test that one.

The option doesn’t exist in Airtable at first, the use case is I want n8n to create a record with a brand new option.
Changing Options > String does the trick, but I don’t know if there is another workaround.

This is how I hacked it . Couldn’t find a better option though.

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