Airtable Update - ERROR must provide array with an "id" ID field and a "fields"

I want to send a Welcome message using a 3rd party service to new customers. The customer data is coming from a CRM called Kiskadi via a GET http node (no webhook available today), wich is polled hourly, and may return the customer more than once, so I need to make sure that I don’t send the Welcome message more than once to each customer.

I created a first workflow on n8n where all customers polled go to an Airtable base, and it works fine:

In this base I added a field for sent message status. When the customer record is created on Airtable, the default value is “not_sent”.

I created a second workflow in n8n where I send the message to customers to an online service that I call Fitmuck via HTTP request. To avoid sending the message twice or more, I need to update the sent_status field on Airtable for the customer to “sent”, and here I am having a problem:

When I try to update the value of the sent_status, I get an "ERROR: must provide array with an “id” ID field and a “fields” ":

Any suggestions that might help?


Hi @fxholl,
to make sure that you are only updating the field sent_status you could do the following.

I tried limiting to the one field, but I still get the same error.

Hey @fxholl,

Can you try what Marcus has suggested and remove the expression from the Fields and just type in sent_status unless your field name is sent

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I decided to use Google Sheets instead, and was able to make it work that way. Since I did not find a Google Sheet trigger node, I added a Cron node with polling.


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