Akeneo credential

hi all,
Is there someone who have worked with Akeneo PIM ?

i don’t know how to deal with their credentials token / refresh

Cani deal with this with oauth2 credential or am i obliged to catch the expired token in all the workflow.


The HTTP node will refresh the token automatically for you. @Chris_Doudet

Hi @RicardoE105,

I cant’ use oauth2 credential because the authentification wait for a post.
From the documentation :

curl -X POST http://my-favorite-pim.com/api/oauth/v1/token \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
        -H "Authorization: Basic NGdtNHJub2l6cDhnc2tna2swODBzc29vODAwNDBnNDRrc293d2d3ODQ0azQ0c2MwMHM6NWR5dm8xejZ5MzRzbzRvZ2tna3N3ODhvb2tvb3dzMDBjZ29jNDg4a2NzOHdrNGM0MHM=" \
        -d '{
            "grant_type": "password",
            "username": "myERPuser",
            "password": "64bngr78"


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        "access_token": "NzFiYTM4ZTEwMjcwZTcyZWIzZTA0NmY3NjE3MTIyMjM1Y2NlMmNlNWEyMTAzY2UzYmY0YWIxYmUzNTkyMDcyNQ",
        "expires_in": 3600,
        "token_type": "bearer",
        "scope": null,
        "refresh_token": "MDk2ZmIwODBkYmE3YjNjZWQ4ZTk2NTk2N2JmNjkyZDQ4NzA3YzhiZDQzMjJjODI5MmQ4ZmYxZjlkZmU1ZDNkMQ"

If i try from oauth credential, i get this:

{“code”:405,“message”:“No route found for “GET /api/oauth/v1/token”: Method Not Allowed (Allow: POST)”}

So the http node will not be managed by a credential method.

For what i undestand i am obliged to use a http node to get the token wich i can use in the workflow.
And in this case i am obliged to manage the token expiration.

Is it possible to use another credential type to manage this ? Using a token generate by a first workflow that put some variable somewhere ?


Ahhh, now I get it. Yes, the OAuth2 authentication method sadly uses POST to exchange the token. This is the first time I see something different than a POST to do that. As you mentioned, you will need to use a couple of HTTP nodes and store the refresh token somewhere. Maybe in the workflow’s static data.

Ok thank you

A Google request on “oauth2 request post” return many lines.
May be an update for oauth2 credential with a post ? :slight_smile: