All old data is rerun. At the same time, is there a reason?

The old data is re-running in all my projects so it’s every 1-2week

Hey @Panupol_Sonnuam,

Can you fill out the template we provide it saves on having to spend time collecting that information in a follow up post.

I take it you didn’t create 431 new events in the calendar, Is this always happening every couple of weeks and is anything happening around that time?

nothing happened I set it to check for existing data to update instead of creating new so there is no duplicate data issue.
I’m just wondering why it works all over again with no update.

It’s like there’s too much code.

Hey @Panupol_Sonnuam,

What do you mean by set it to check for existing data to update? Looking at the first workflow screenshot it should only run when new calendar events are created. Looking at that second workflow it is creating events, If you look at the events in the calendar do they have a created date that matches with the date of the run?

This is going to be a case of going backwards through the workflows to work out which one is the first to go wrong then work out what the trigger is on it.

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