Alternative to Airtable in n8n workflow

Hi there, enjoy working with n8n, it’s what I was always looking for! integration with Airtable worked well, but I am not happy with the single level right management of the provided Airtable API key. Any alternative for simple storage of values, preferably managed, don’t want to setup a a database for that. Maybe even Open Source? Appreciate your input

Welcome to the community. I’m sure @Tephlon has a few options in mind.

If you are looking for something that is cloud-based with better security design, take a look at supabase. Their system creates instant APIs for all your table and they allow you to create multiple user accounts, each with different security access. Thye are presently in beta so free to use.

I’ve been pretty impressed with their perform. I presently have a table in their system with over 29 million records and growing!

Now, you can always build your own database and put it online if you are using the cloud version. That isn’t too difficult to do and then you can pick whatever database you wish (MySQL, Mongo, etc.). That way, you have complete control over all aspects of security.

I hope that helps.



That looks very promising, feels like what I was looking for. I will check it our and report later how it worked for me.

Great community here, love it already!


Check also the following:

  • XANO

StackBy is also similar to Airtable, so might not be an Option.

I am using XANO as of now, the options behind are ahead of the other 2 with still a fair price. If you need something simple, Canonic is super simple and intuitive.