🇳🇱 Amsterdam Pizza Meetup: Wednesday, July 17

Join me and n8n Ambassador @tino in Amsterdam for our very first in-person n8n meetup in the Netherlands! Enjoy some pizza and drinks while connecting with fellow community members and sharing your n8n experiences.

​We’re excited to have n8n Community Manager Bart Veldhuizen with us, who will provide a brief update on the current roadmap and answer any questions you might have.

RSVP here so we can ensure there’s plenty of pizza for everyone! :blush:


Aw man! :slight_smile: super jealous, based in the UK


Whereabouts? We’re considering doing an event in London later this year too, and might have more community-run events now that we’re scaling up our Ambassador program.

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Awesome! I just signed up! Exciting to meet you all :grinning: