🥁 And the 2023 Community Awards Winners are:

The community is a part of n8n’s DNA. Everyone on the team pays attention to what happens on the forum, social media etc. The team knows many of you and your history with n8n!

Last week, we hosted our first ever Community Awards during the 2023 Review Hangout - celebrating the contributions that our amazing community is making. The recording of the hangout will follow shortly, but I wanted to put the spotlight on our winners here :slight_smile:

The winners will receive a permanent badge on their forum profile, an n8n T-shirt, and one of our new Nodebooks!

The Awards were broken down into 4 different categories:

  • Community Node Builders
  • Template Builders
  • Promotors
  • Supporters

The different teams at n8n helped hand-pick winners for each of them, and I’m proud to present them here!

In the Node Builders category, @valya and @BramKn stood out.

Valentina works for the German agency Digital Boss and shares many of their nodes. Some highlights are her Oracle and Firebase notifications nodes.

Bram is an ndependent consultant from the Netherlands. Next to sharing his nodes, Bram is everywhere in our community! You can find Bram’s contributed nodes here. Some that stood out to us where his Moneybird and Exact (financial software) nodes, as well as his PGP encryption node.

We relaunched the Creator Hub last November, but Nskha and Lucas Perret already became our two top-contributors.

Among other things, @anas (Nshka) created an amazing Telegram bot to handle Ticketing System, LiveChat and User Management. They also shared a library of workflows to work with the CloudFlare Key/Value database. You can find their templates here.

Lucas Perret mostly creates business-oriented workflows, like this one for ,onitoring business reviews, or a cheap way of collecting Google Maps data.

And now for our biggest advocates! @oskar, Lucas Perret and @maximpoulsen are the three members who made the most noise outside our own community.

Oskar shares well produced and polished tutorials on using n8n. Check out his channel!. His work is becoming part of our Community Tutorials Library - more about that soon! He also helped beta test the new Advanced AI nodes and published a review on the day of the launch. Kudos!

Lucas is a Growth Manager by trade, and he knows how to draw attention with his large follower base on LinkedIn. He’s been building workflows focused on sales ops and revenue ops use cases. Data enrichment, scraping, etc. Lucas also posted several product comparisons and use cases that really helped us reach a larger audience!

Maxim calls himself a ‘Growth & Automation Nerd’ (yeah, that kind of name really works for us :wink: ). He likes to post on no-code custom AI introduced a LOT of people to the possibilities of n8n + langchain.

That brings us to our last category: supporters! @ihortom and @nico-kow have been a tremendous help on our forum. They have been known to beat Jon to a reply - and that’s saying a lot!

Ihor is from Canada, and we see him on the forum almost every day (he actually answered one or two of my own questions too!)

Nico is from Germany - he offers n8n consulting and mentoring (that sounds a little scary :wink: ), and we see him on the forum a LOT too.

Thank you!

Again, thanks so much everyone! We’ll do this again next year, and we’re considering adding some categories like Documentation. Let us know if you have any ideas or contributions you’d like to make :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the shout! I’ve been a n8n superfan for years now and I know it’s only getting started.

Can’t wait to see what’s to come :sunglasses:


Thank you very much for featuring me in 2023 Community Awards - it’s absolutely amazing feeling to know that my videos bring some value to n8n users.

Congratulations to all winners and - first of all - sending huge words of thanks to the whole community! :raised_hands:


That word triggers me way more than it should :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding of course, these awards are well deserved all of you. Congratulations to everyone who won, and thanks a million to everyone else who is active in this community. In fact, this community is what made me apply for n8n in the first place back in 2021.