Announcing: the Level 2 n8n Course πŸŽ“

Hey everyone,

we released the second n8n course (Level 2), in which you will learn how to work with different types of data and build a more complex business workflow for generating reports.

Sign up, complete the milestones, pass the quiz – and get your forum badge & avatar!

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Happy learning and automating!


How about the LinkedIn certificate? I think it was a cool move from n8n when this was announced last year for the level 1 training.

Hi @Ed_P

I see you found the response in the level 1 course thread, still, we appreciate the feedback and something for us to take note of in case we plan more formal courses in the future.



I already finished the level 2 course. But I have not been able to send the notification to discord and I have not been able to join the channel with the link sent to my email since it redirects me to the level 1 course channel.
Could you please help me.

In order to get the badges one might have to have created an account here before finishing the course. :sneezing_face:

The channel for the second level is private, I guess you have to work for n8n to be able to join it. Did you check your status β†’ here?


I already finished the level 2 course but I still don’t have my badge, could you help me please :slight_smile:

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Perhaps @Emma-Jade can help with the badge?


I applied the badge for you! Congratulations @dkrueger and @OSCAR_EDUARDO_SANTA ! Apologies for the delay, we are working through a list of automations in our team and this process is also on there :slight_smile: