Another 413 problem

I have a problem with a 40k+ row CSV file…

my setup is quite simple;

I can read the file, but when I tried to read it into Spreadsheet file node, it gave an error, I’ve read the forums and saw about payload too large issues, so I decided to split it before sending it to Spreadsheet node…

but I get the same error with SplitInBatches node now, is that normal? Is there no way to read such a CSV file without shrinking the original file size externally?

I am running on Ubuntu, without Docker.

It seems I should have googled better…

I’ve added the following line
to my config from Request failed with status code 413 · Issue #1447 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

and seems to be solved :slight_smile: posting for other noobs like me :slight_smile: