answerInlineQuery replacement / analog

Is there any way to get around of " The value “answerInlineQuery” is not supported!" ?
I try to make telegram inline bot, so i catch inline_query updates via telegram-trigger, but what should i do next to answer this update??
Try to use http-request: get a 400 error only, but when i try to same request from postman - it works

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Hey @pashkatrick!

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Can you please share more details? Which node is giving you the error: The value “answerInlineQuery” is not supported!?

To answer the query you can use the Telegram node. Select ‘Callback’ from the Resource dropdown list and pass the Query ID from the Telegram Trigger node.

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks for reply @harshil1712 ! Telegram have a several callbacks types - answerQuery and answerInlineQuery
n8n have an answerQuery only

i try to get around it via custom expression and paste answerInlineQuery → that give me an

The value “answerInlineQuery” is not supported! ? error

So, if use default answerQuery - it for inline keyboard callback, not resulted for me. Because i’m trying to build inlineBot (it’s a different) :slight_smile: Inline Bots

Thanks for providing the details. Yes, currently the node only has the option of Answer Query. If you can create a feature request explaining your use-case, we would be able to add that as well.

I took a look at the Telegram API, and I couldn’t find the answerInlineQuery method. However, I found this link, which might help you. Based on your use-case you can select a method from the list, and add it as an expression in the Operation field. This might work until we add the Answer Inline Query operation.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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UPD: it doesn’t image will wait for new methods :slight_smile:

@harshil1712, tnx you for help, will try soon

About telegram api docs - Telegram Bot API - thtats method i seek for )

Hi @harshil1712!
I decide to to do it myself, so if you can boost review for my pull request - it will be kind
Thnx a lot!

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That’s awesome! Someone from the team will review the PR and get back to you with feedback. Thank you for your contribution!

Hi everyone!
Trying to execute answer query callback node.
Where exactly should I get a Query ID? I tried chat id, but that won’t work for me.

You need to use Callback Query update type and inline type of messages


Great, thanks for your fast reply! But does that mean that I need to create a new workflow for every part of the dialogue with the bot? Or I can use several triggers in one workflow?

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You can use multi types of updates in one same trigger (Messages, Callback Queries, etc.)

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