Any tips on running n8n via https without docker or nginx?

I’m trying to get n8n running via ssl/https installed via npm as opposed to docker. The VM it’s running on is an Amazon Lightspeed Debian machine. Following the steps here: SSL/HTTPS Without Docker - #2 by replwithoutacause and I’m failing on the nginx install. I’m far more familiar with Apache and would feel a lot more comfortable setting this up with Apache as well as maintaining it once it’s running, but I haven’t seen anything in my search that relates to getting n8n going via https using apache. Has anyone done this successfully?

Hey @mrjones, welcome to the community!

As for a guide on how to install nginx, you could check out the DigitalOcean tutorial on this. I don’t use Debian myself, but I sure have used a lot of DigitalOcean tutorials in the past and they were usually well written and very helpful.

If you’re going down the Apache route you’d need to make sure that Apache handles SSL/TLS termination and redirects all traffic coming in for your n8n subdomain on the https port 443 to whatever port you have n8n listening on.

I don’t have an example config for this though, but here would be a general tutorial (focused on Ubuntu though, but I reckon a lot of concepts can easily be transferred to Debian).