Api access to execution log


I want to be able to with one node to get all data gathered in a execution to be saved at a external api.

Other option:

n8n would expose a api to get that data

I know i could do that with one http-reqest node, and manually collect all the data i want, but that is a unneccessary and tedious task.

Obviously n8n has a storage of that data, so i just want something give me all the data
collected in a execution to be saved for later usage.

Use Case

Mostly audit logging to answer queries like

who started the workflow?

Who/what was the subject

Who did interact at which point in time

Hi @Martin_Forster, execution data is available through the n8n API: API reference - n8n Documentation

If you’d rather not use the HTTP Request node for calling it, you could also consider using the n8n node instead.

Hi MutedJam,
as far i can see there is no way to extract detailed information about the state of the execution.
Like data collected by nodes, decisions made, …
basically the data which is visualized when i test a workflow.

I would like to access such data and archive it, for the purpose of audit and troubleshooting.
Do you agree ?
Is there a different api where i can get such information ?

You can get execution details with this API. This is also built into the n8n node.

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