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I have an error when i try to send a message from n8n to Telegram. I got an api key from telegram and chatid but when i send the message i get the next error:


Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.1.0 And tested with 1.1.1
  • Database: postgres:11
  • Running n8n via Docker:
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04

Any chance a firewall is blocking outbound connections? I don’t use the telegram node so not familiar with it, but if it’s an auth error, something is blocking that connection.

Perhaps you haven’t started the chat in Telegram. In this case, noting can be sent to the user.
So make sure if you pressed the Start button in the bot chat.

Yes, i started the chat with the bot.

On the other hand, i have ufw disabled and stoped. And the firewall rule on cloud interface are opened for network so i think that isn´t a connection error.


Hey @alvaromm6556,

It looks like the issue is possibly with the api token or the chat id, How did you find the chat ID?

I used an url to get the chatid.

with this url i got: {“ok”:true,“result”:{“id”:XXXXXXXXX,“is_bot”:true,“first_name”:“XXXXXXX”,“username”:“XXXXXXX”,“can_join_groups”:false,“can_read_all_group_messages”:false,“supports_inline_queries”:false}}

I used the chatid and the token got with botfather.

Okey, solved.

I use a different URL with /getUpdates and it works success.

Thaks for your support guys.


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