Api Rest from Microsoft Bing

Hi, i need help with connect my workflow to Microsoft Bing for extract statistics, and i don’t know why i can’t access to this. I think that i’m inserting incorrectly the api rest but i don’t be sure that the URL is this, anyone can help me posting the URL api from Microsoft Bing. I need to use the node HTTP Request.
And the error is…


Did you try changing the response format to string as suggested in the error message? Here’s the screenshot that might help:

If you’re still stuck, please feel free to share more details. It would be helpful to know which endpoint you’re trying to access and what kind of information you are requesting.

i need to access to the Bing Ads api’s, and i don’t know what is the url from the api.

I already find other way to show this data, don’t worry and thanks for your help.