Append to a string during a loop

This is probably really easy but I can’t really find an easy way to do this without a function node (I’m trying to some really simple workflows for studens without using functions).

I’ve got a loop (splitInBatches) that loop through 5 days of weather. I would like to built up some txt that eventually will be sent through GMAIL.

How would you approach this? Also, bonus question - can I continue after the splitinbatches loop in an easy way without code?

Some mockup flow that shows the general idea.

Hi @systemaddict

To continue after split in batch you will need an IF node that checks if there is batches left, if not continue the workflow.
To get everything together in 1 run would require a function node though. So it might be better to simply not use the split in batch node.

Could you share some input and expected output data?
That would make it easier for us to make you an example workflow of how to do it.

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Thanks for helping out. I’ve created a new example where you can see the raw data coming in (it’s actually from the openweatherdata node). So you can see that openweather returns json that I can only extract by using itemlists and splitinbatches. I know it’s easy to do with function, but I’m exploring a no-code approach :slight_smile:

The concatenated string that I would send in the last node would be something like:

DATE: xxxxxx

DATE: xxxxx

and so on

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Hope this isn’t too much code.

ps. I did a lot of small steps, some can be combined of course.


Yeah, that’s pretty good, almost no-code :slight_smile: