Approval Workflow in n8n

Hi Team,

Q1 : We are using n8n embed license and want to create a sample approval workflow as described below. I did not get the direct nodes that could be used to create some parts of this requirement. Please let us know what is best way to build this simple workflow.

Sample use case using n8n :

1- Send Verification Link to a user.
2- User verifies by clicking on specific link sent in the email
3- Upon verification, a automatic Thank you email is triggered to the user by the workflow.

Q2 : Also, we want to build simple forms that could be created and triggered (by using n8n) that enables user to send certain information back (by filling the form) post which n8n will read the response and take some actions based on the data validation. I don’t want to get any third party form generator license and expecting this to be natively supported in n8n.Can you please give more insights on this.


Hey @Pranay,

It sounds like what you are after is the Wait node this has an option to pause a workflow until a webhook URL is triggered.

If you wanted to take this approach you can find a simple email confirmation workflow below, It will send an email with the wait link in it then once the page is visited a confirmation email will be sent.

With forms we don’t have an official form node that would allow the creation in n8n but you can use Webhook nodes to build out forms an example of this can be found below which uses 3 webhooks one for the posting of form data, one to show the page and another to pull the CSS although this can be changed as needed.

There is also another option on this one… During our recent Node-athon I made a Community Node that will allow you to create forms within n8n, This basically takes the 3 webhooks from above and runs then from one node so it would become…

If this may be something you can use you can find the NPM package here: n8n-nodes-form-trigger - npm


Hi @Jon,
I am using the form node(community node).
I am executing this node and hitting the get url but get url is not working properly.

Can you please tell me what is the procedure to run this node?

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Hey @abhilash,

I would restart n8n as it could be that the tunnel URL needs changing. Have you done some testing with a normal webhook node to make sure that works?

Hi @Jon,
I tried running normal webhook standalone it is working.

Hey @abhilash,

That is not good, It could be that something is wrong with the node when I made it I didn’t test with the tunnel option.

If you activate the workflow and try does that work?

Hi @Jon,
I tried with active workflow option but it throwing error.

That looks promising, You don’t have any fields in your form so I would expect an error. What are you trying to build out?

I want to use this node kind of feedback form or any kind of form applications where user can gave his inputs and depends on that next steps will execute.

Hey @abhilash,

I have just given the node a quick go on a test install and it appears to be working there which is handy. Can you try pasting the below into the n8n canvas and let me know if that works.


@Jon U are really good

Hi @Jon,
sorry for delay in response.
Thank you so much its working fine. But I am not getting email or node is use to just get the form details in output.

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I made an approval workflow using telegram

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