❗ Are you an entrepreneur? or work in sales or marketing? We need your help!

:question: Are you a wizard at generating leads? or face issue that you wish there was a template for? We want to collaborate with you!
We’re on the hunt for skilled individuals with a passion for marketing, sales, and small business growth to join us in crafting innovative n8n templates for lead enrichment.

If you have experience with:

Lead generation strategies :dart:
Sales funnel optimization :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Lead focused marketing :office:
…we want to hear from you!

This is your chance to put your skills to work and help others by collaborating directly with the n8n team.

If you’re up for the challenge, please reach out using this form

Hi Nikki - small suggestion, would it be possible to add a few fields for those of us who are on the “wizard” side of things so we can share the sorts of things we’ve already done with n8n :slight_smile:

100% reach out if you’re on the wizard side of things but not from those area’s. The focus is lead generation, so if you’ve created something that you think will help, for sure we’d love to see it!

Great! I’ve filled in the form - I’ve created a few automations which use AI, integrate with Hubspot etc to help sales and marketing teams organise leads at scale (real world and in-use)