Ativar webhook

Configurei um script dentro de uma planilha do google sheets.
Essa planilha é resultado de um google forms.

Sempre que envio uma resposta através do formulário quero que ative um fluxo no N8N.

O que eu fiz:
Configurei o app script dentro do google sheets e fiz teste dentro do app, que fez com que o fluxo desse inicio.
Quando faço atualização da planilha de resultados, nada acontece.

O que fazer para ativar essa funcionalidade?

I set up a script inside a google sheets spreadsheet.
This worksheet is the result of a google forms.

Whenever I send a response through the form, I want it to activate a flow on N8N.

What did I do:
I configured the app script inside google sheets and did a test inside the app, which made the flow start.
When I update the results sheet, nothing happens.

What to do to activate this functionality?

Hey @Sidney_Roberto_Compi,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

We don’t have support for Google Forms so you would need to make sure your app script calls an n8n webhook and sends the data you are after. If your app script is sending the data it might be worth checking the response it gets to see if there is an error message.

After redoing the whole project, I found that inside the script you have to inform the trigger.

In my case I had an edit trigger and it should be submit form.

Something very simple, but for those who are going to do it for the first time, it doesn’t see all the needs.

Thanks for your return.


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