Attach file in trello

This question may be silly but how do I attach a file to the trello node?

Where can I get the url of the file?

Hi @LorenzoSbeghen :wave:

It doesn’t look like you can do this through the node, but you can do this with a HTTP Request node. Uploading from a URL would look something like this:

Then you can upload anything to Trello that already exists via a URL, like this:

You can find Trello’s API documentation here.

Edit: Quick update, the node does also support this :man_facepalming: For example, this is if you pull in an image to n8n through something like the HTTP request node:


Quick update, I just noticed you mentioned without a URL! If you already have data, you can do this:

You’ll just need to update the board/card ID in that “upload attachment” HTTP request node, or otherwise you won’t be targeting your own workspace :see_no_evil:


wow this was exactly what I needed, thank you so much! :smiley:


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