Attio Nodes


It would be super useful to have an Attio node which can send HTTP requests to Attio to input data. Also an Attio Trigger Node would be very useful as currently the webhook method is quite complicated.


I’m interested in hearing your feedback. What do you think it’s complicated about using the webhook node?

Hi Ricardo.

The difficulty is that the webhook node sends you the entry ID of an object in Attio but doesn’t actually tell you what the change that has been made is. It requires you to then send a http request back after the webhook to find out “where” the entry has moved to. Setting up the webhook was also difficult with intent confirmation.

Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks.

Agree, I’ve struggled with this element and working out how webhooks interact with Attio. Would be a huge help!

Welcome to the community @EdKandel

Any new on this? Would be absolutely lifesaving if so (and know its a CRM gaining a lot of traction with investors who I’ve been recommending to N8N!)