Auth when using n8n as a Backend

Hello fellow community members,
I’m wondering whether there’s some native or workaround method to utilize n8n as a backend for a SaaS which will work with Oauth2 integrations for end-users.

Integrations I’m looking to build are for Asana, Trello and maybe QuickBooks Online.

The database will be Supabase and frontend probably flutterflow.

Thank you!

Hey @Eden,

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It sounds like you would be after an embed license for n8n it may be worth getting in touch about pricing to make sure it fits your requirements before building it in.

There are ways to inject user credentials into n8n but I don’t have any examples of this currently, I know some folk have used services like Nango to do this in the past and others have built something on top of their own private fork to handle it.

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Hi Jon!
Thank you for your guidance.

We’re not yet at the scale where embed would be an option. Additionally, the user flow would be quite simple- a button to authorize a specific integration-

Rather than the ability to select any integration with our service.

We would then want to pass along the Oauth2 credentials so that n8n easily executes every time the user makes a request.

Hey @Eden,

I would still recommend having a chat with the licensing team to see what they can work out for you, If you are using n8n as a backend and collecting user credentials to interact with other services that are not yours then it will need a license although we have been known to make exceptions so it is always worth finding out.

It sounds like you might need to use the API to create the credential in n8n once you have the token, I made a quick node on this here: Google credentials stop working after a while - #13 by Jon which may help.

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I understand! I appreciate the help @Jon!


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