Auto selecting credentials that were just created

So, I was able to automatically create credentials n8n node. This works, however now I am unable to feed those newly created credentials to the HTTPRequest node. (See image)

The n8n node will create a credentials entry named : ‘temp credentials’,

I would like to feed these credentials into the httprequest of the next node.

The problem is that I cannot seem to do this … see image … *the ‘temp creds’ credential has been created by the previous n8n node …

How do I feed the just created credentials to the httprequest node ? I must be doing something wrong here …

Hey @lexgabrees,

We have an internal request opened for this, At the moment you can’t use credentials dynamically in a workflow.

At the moment I don’t have a quick workaround for this, What you can do though is instead of making a new credential create one credential that uses expressions for the values so something like {{ $json.headerName }} and {{ $json.headerValue }} then select that credential in the node and as long as the node going into the http request node has a headerName and headerValue item the credential will use it.


Hey John …

That does indeed work, as I had tried it before. I thought that selecting the credentials by name expression not working would have been more logic. Glad to hear it’s on the internal list.


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