Auto-Summarizing Omnivore Bookmarks with Gemini Pro 1.5 using n8n

Recently, I’ve been using the Gemini 1.5 Pro API. Today, I was pleased to learn it’s now integrated with OpenRouter so folks who don’t yet have access to a Google Gemini Pro 1.5 API key can use it. However, it’s heavily rate limited.

I wrote a blog post discussing two different n8n workflows, both aimed at accomplishing the same task with n8n but through distinct methods. Both workflows are designed to automatically add summaries to my bookmarks in Omnivore using Gemini. I decided to share these in the event they’re useful to others. They illustrate how to achieve this by either utilizing a personal Gemini Pro key (if you have one) or by employing OpenRouter as an alternative (if you do not have one.) I presume this might be useful for other projects.

You can find the n8n workflows published as gists below:

Version 1. Supports OpenRouter so you do not require a Google Gemini API Key

Version 2. Requires a Google Gemini API Key (and does not use OpenRouter)

To use these workflow you’ll need:

  • an Omnivore account,
  • either:
  • to update the workflow with your Omnivore key,
  • access to an n8n instance so you can import the json workflow,
  • either:
    • If using OpenRouter, configure the two http auth credentials in their respective n8n workflow modules to use your Omnivore key and OpenRouter key, or
    • If using your personal Google Gemini 1.5 API Key, configure the http auth credentials in the respective n8n workflow module to use your Omnivore key and then configure your Gemini API key in the respective n8n workflow module.

Note: I’ve hardcoded the Gemini 1.5 model in both workflows.

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