Automate task from Kanban boards into Asana

How to sync different Kanban boards

We have a situation where we have different clients using different Kanban style boards that we would like to sync to Asana. There was a tool we were using some years ago but it was very pricey before we discovered n8n.

I also did not do this myself, someone else did.

Is it a case of checking that the different platforms have an API that I can connect to?

My thinking is this.

  1. Ensure the different Kanban boards have the same column names.
  2. Pull the cards from the different Kanban boards and populate Asana.
  3. Have some kind of check that compares the boards and moves the cards accordingly. (Asana being the main tool to ensure they are in sync.

Is there anything I should consider before I start figuring this out?

Many thanks

Hi, such a setup, especially the “check if an item exists already elsewhere” can be quite complex to implement. I think a good starting point on how to approach this in general could be this older blog post describing a two way sync:

While n8n has changed, the concept is of course still valid.

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