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Hello Folks,

I am integrating postgres and airtable to allow automatic syncing whenever a change has been made in either of them. However my syncing are not done automatically, I have click on execute workflow for that to happen.

NB: My workflow is active

Any ideas on how to make the workflow to be executed automatically would be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community @Anton_Odongo!

Did you activate the workflow?

Possible via the toggle on the top right on the screen:
Screenshot from 2023-08-09 13-54-23

If I understood correctly, you are looking for some kind of trigger which “fires” every time new record is added / updated / deleted in either of the source.

I’d say there are ways of making this:

  1. Put Airtable trigger to catch changes from AT. On the Postgres side, you can create a trigger in the database that makes an HTTP Request. You can put both triggers in a single workflow and start synching process whenever one of them is activated.
  2. Put a schedule trigger that checks both sources every N minutes / hours. I think both AT and Postgres have a “date modified” variable which can be used to identify the latest changes. If there are any records which were added / changed within the last N mins / hours, then they should be synched. With the deleted records it’s a bit trickier, I think the only way is via outgoing trigger from AT / Postgres.
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I did activate my workflow

I have an airtable trigger which checks for any update/insertion every minute and I have activated the workflow too but still it is not automatic as required.

for postgress I havea postgress trigger which checks for any insertion and sends to airtable but that too is not automatic yet my workflow is active

Hi @Anton_Odongo, I am sorry you are having trouble.

Perhaps you can share a few more details here? Which version of n8n are you currently using, how does your workflow look like and are there any errors when inspecting past executions?

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