Automation of whatsapp via webhook on the capture page

Hello guys, I have a question and need help. Here’s the idea: Can I automate a message to WhatsApp by n8n? But here’s the thing, I’m with a capture page with form where the person fills out name and number data. I want to use this number that the person himself will inform on the form to send a message to him through the automation of n8n and I want the message to contain the name of that person. This would be the message: “Hello {name} how are you?” The idea is that everyone who fills out this form receives this message automatically on WhatsApp.

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Yes, that is possible. You can check out the following node:

There are also alternatives as for examples explained here:

Hi @Gabriel_Cleber, you can do that with n8n as @jan said, and there’re several alternatives that could easily deliver the use case you describe.

I tend to use the sequence you talk about to confirm that the person submitting the form is really the owner of the whatsapp number (kind of validating the data)… in that case what I do is sending an expiring one-time-use code, that must be submitted before the sign-up is completed.

If all you want is telling “hello”, you can face the problem that the person did not enter the number correctly.

My 2 cents.

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