Autonomous AGI or AutoGPT

Any brainstorming on how one could leverage something like Baby AGI or AutoGPT using N8N. I’d love to assign it a task and watch it compete it without needing switch or IF nodes chained to google sheets, mail, etc.

Just curious if anybody has ever heard of or considered running a server based version of something like this.

Hey @nso,

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I have not played with Baby AGI or AutoGPT but assuming they have a way you can call them from an API or server command it should be possible to use them but making anything useful would depend on what you are thinking about doing.

Appears to be command line driven. I’m running N8n on and I’m not a server/cloud wizard. Most everything I have seen done is handled on a local computer, command line driven.

I guess if you are using Railway it would be a bit trickier you could either build your own n8n image that includes AutoGPT so you can use it from the Execute Command node or set up AutoGPT on something like Digital Ocean then use the SSH node to access the VPS and run the commands.

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