AWeber integration

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I’m brand new to n8n, and worked through the basics on webhooks, Slack integration, Google sheets row appending… some basic script transforms. I’m thrilled so far. I’m now trying to figure out how to integrate with outer 3rd party API’s which have no in-built n8n support.

Specifically, I need to integrate with AWeber, find a user by email, and delete them.

I’m having no luck yet figuring out the right approach. it appears to be to create a custom AWeber app ( using an AWeber dev account ), connect that to an active AWeber account ( somehow ), and then to OAuth2 connect to it. But I’m finding gaps in that process.

So my specific question is, has anyone done an AWeber integration, and what’s the process?

And my general question is, are there resource guides somewhere or a wiki for these kinds of integrations? I’m not sure where to look, Google is being surprisingly unhelpful here.

Thanks for any pointers you can give.

Hi @memetican, welcome to the community!

I have not used or heard of AWeber before, but their documentation at AWeber API & Webhook Documentation suggests they support OAuth2. Which error exactly are you seeing or what exactly is unclear for you?

We don’t have a wiki, but our forum contains a bunch of threads on how to authenticate with specific services already (though not for AWeber specifically).

Thanks @MutedJam ,

Before Mailchimp, AWeber was one of the leading email newsletter SaaS providers, It has lost significant market share, but I still have a number of clients that rely on it.

I’ve made good progress, figured out what AWeber needed for its auth setup, and how to access that from n8n. I’m now able to make basic calls successfully. However I seem to be doing something incorrectly when an endpoint has a querystring. I can see my source data, and my expression computing as expected- but that’s not what is getting passed to the API.

Better to show with a Loom vid;

Update, I’ve narrowed this down a bit further, the problem seems to relate to editing pinned data. I’ll start a separate post about that, as i’ve worked out the AWeber integration. Thanks!