AWS API gateway request

Dear n8n community,

I am currently trying out n8n, which seems to be a wonderful and flexible workflow builder that fits my needs in every way but one critical one: I cannot figure out how to call an AWS API gateway endpoint.

Currently, there are many AWS functions (S3, Lambda, SQS…), but there is a surprising lack of API gateway node.

There would be an alternative: as the API gateway is a simple HTTP request it could be fulfilled with the HTTP request node. However, out of all the predefined authentication options for the HTTP request node, AWS is not available.

AWS authentication is available for all other AWS nodes in n8n (and working successfully for me):

So my question is: how can I call the AWS API gateway from n8n? Is this at all possible as of now?

Thank you for this great tool and your time.

Hi @Nurgak

Welcome to the community!

I am not familiar with the AWS API gateway, it seems like a normal Oauth2 authentication that is needed.
Luckily this is fairly easily done. If you choose for the Generic Credential type you can select OAuth2.
I know this isn’t the easiest thing compared to the other options, but please give it a go.
If you cannot fix it like this, please post some more information on how far you have gotten and where you got stuck.


Hi @BramKn, thank you for your reply.

I seems the AWS API does not quite support the OAuth2 method, rather it uses the AWS-IAM method. Somehow, it is possible to use OAuth2, but it requires further work and components setup (AWS Lambda?). However, I wish to do it directly and it’s almost possible.

The AWS-IAM is currently supported in other AWS nodes: it needs the username, AWS access key ID and AWS secret access key. It’s essentially a more complicated HTTP authentication method, involving some signage, but otherwise done using headers.

It would be great if that method could also be selected in the HTTP request node.

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Hi @Nurgak, I am afraid this isn’t an option available right now but it certainly has come up before. Perhaps @sirdavidoff has an update on the AWS credential availability in the HTTP Request node?

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Not sure how to use AWS-IAM.
There might be an option to do it manually.

Hopefully the n8n team has an update for you on the credentials.

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Well, no update from @sirdavidoff needed I think (sorry for tagging!) :smiley:

Looks like AWS credentials will become available in the HTTP Request node with the next release thx to @ael.gobrecht:


In the latest docker image the AWS authentication option is available for HTTP request, so my problem is solved.