AWS DynamoDB - Create or Update error

I trying insert a new item on table, but, i have this error, i dont know how to solve this

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘message’)

Function Node

 return [
    json: {
      "Attachment": {'S': '819'},
      "Ticket": {'S': '012'}


Hi @Gabriel_Valin, welcome to the community :tada:

It seems you have selected Define Below for Each Column in the Data to Send field:


So you’d need to hit the Add Field button in the Fields to Send section and add each field (and the value you want to send) individually.

Do you can share an example?
Because i tried this and not work :frowning:

Hey @Gabriel_Valin, I just gave this a go on my side this morning but did unfortunately run into the very same issue, even when simply trying to fetch elements from a newly created DynamoDB.

I’ll add this to our internal bug tracker for a closer look.

Got released with [email protected]