AWS DynamoDB Get All Items

I’m running the latest n8n Cloud version and want to get all items from my AWS DynamoDB Table.

So I’ve selected the Operation “Get All” and enabled the can mode. What is the needed “Filter Expression” to get all items?
All examples I could find leave this part empty to get alle items, but n8n requires an input “Filter Expression”.

Thank you

Hi @tniebergall, the filter expressions would be explained here in the AWS docs: Working with Queries in DynamoDB - Amazon DynamoDB

That said, I am not familiar with DynamoDB, so wouldn’t be able to say for sure why we require it. This node was originally written by @mvhirsch here, maybe he can share some additional background around this?

@MutedJam I read this documentation already and it only tells the filter is optional and how to define it if needed. Thats the struggle I’m dealing with.

I’ll wait if @mvhirsch has some information about that.

A temporary solution I found is to use (if you have it) one attribute of type Number an build the following filter condition.

This returns all items in my case.

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The FilterExpression isn’t necessary on Scan operations. So this looks like a bug. Sadly I didn’t discover it after a bigger refactoring of the code and fields, because I’m always using a FilterExpression on Scan operations, just for sake of performance and costs.

Unfortunately I’m not able to fix that bug, because I do not have access to the dynamodb anymore.
But it should be easily reconfigured and therefore fixed. I’ve just filed a bug issue on github for it: AWS DynamoDB Scan operation requires FilterExpression · Issue #2650 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub