AWS EKS production setup

is this a valid repository? GitHub - n8n-io/n8n-eks-cluster: Multi-instance n8n setup on AWS EKS i tried it and the n8n-main and n8n-worker nodes never functioned.

Hey @Kushal_Bindra,

That is something we have been working on but it may contain issues, If you are planning to take the AWS EKS route I would recommend using that as only an example and knowledge of AWS EKS would be a requirement for using it.

Did you look into any the logs to see if there were any errors?

Hi Jon,

It looked like something that would fit my use case exactly :slight_smile:

I’m currently getting this error for the main pod.

kubectl logs pod/n8n-main-79cf98b769-rgqrw -n test-namespace-01
Initializing n8n process
Error: There was an error initializing DB
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND postgres.development.svc.cluster.local

I also added a change to check for certificates if they already exist in the certificate manager. i can raise a PR for it.

Hey @Kushal_Bindra,

So that error looks like the database isn’t starting as the address isn’t valid at the time. I wouldn’t worry too much about pull requests on that repo as I don’t know if we will eventually close it in favour of one of the others.

Have you made any changes to the code?,
and are you running this on a kubernetes cluster created differently than as documented in the repo?

I did add an enhancement to the certificates, if root and wildcard are already present in the certificate manager then I don’t create them again, other than that i did not make any changes.

This repository isn’t ready for general production usage just yet.
I’ve made the repo private to avoid misleading people, and to also avoid creating unnecessary support work for us.
That said, we are actively working on this solution for our enterprise customers, and once we have more instances of this running in production, we’ll open it back up for general use (possibly with a restrictive license).


Fair enough, i was looking to deploy the solution with the self host enterprise license. i will wait for the repo to be released :slight_smile:

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